Champagne Mimosa Vinegar

2012 sofi Gold Winner.

This award winning Champagne Mimosa vinegar starts with ripe juicy citrus fruit. This is a true California favorite with a citrus flavor perfect on seafood, salads or fruit.

$19 for 375ml

Raspberry Basil Vinegar

This Raspberry Basil vinegar starts with hand-picked raspberries and fresh basil grown on an organic farm in the Central Coast of California. It is always great on salads especially caprese. Use as a marinade for chicken or a slow reduction over Brie cheese… a favorite.

$19 for 375ml

Kaffir Lime Vinegar

Kaffir Lime vinegar made with Kaffir lime leaves and ginger. This vinegar has perfect flavor for a citrus addition to your salads and marinades.

$19 for 375ml

Head Ancho Vinegar

The Head Ancho vinegar starts with organically grown ancho and habanero peppers. The peppers are roasted to create a smoky, spicy vinegar. Perfect as a main ingredient for salsas, sauces or marinades.

$19 for 375ml

Fuzzy Navel Peach Vinegar

Made from hand picked organically grown peaches, it is our lightest vinegar. Makes a great reduction to drizzle on BBQ peaches, fruit salad, ice cream or steamed veggies. A taste of summer in a bottle!

$19 for 375ml

Ramo d'Olivo

Welcome to Ramo d'Olivo, Northwest Arkansas' premier wine bar offering over 200 varieties by the bottle, as well as several craft beers from some of the top local breweries in the area.